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Brief, pithy and to the point - I’ve been up to my earlobes creating my Income Fitness Forums and now can finally offer the following to my community members!

If you have an affiliate marketing blog that showcases great resources/information (read: you’re not reposting canned articles with zero of your own input), you can have your blog posts show up like this (and it includes deep links back to your specific articles):

Income Fitness

It’s simple to do!  Just register for free and drop me a note about your blog, the URL, your goals, etc.etc.etc., and I’ll get it done as soon as I can.

But even better - we’re getting more and more newbies who want to learn about effective ways to make money on the Internet or increase their current profits in their own niches.

This is a wonderful opportunity for any and all affiliate marketers.  After 3 posts, I upgrade you automatically to being a Community Member, which means you can add links, personal signatures and much much more.

It’s that easy.  :)


Barbara Ling


Posted on : Apr 26 2009
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Free Vectorized graphics for your affiliate marketing blog posts

VectorsBrief, pithy and to the point - ever get an insane urge to spiffy up your blog posts with nifty high-quality images?

If so, I present to you:

You’ll find resources at these sites that will provide you with eye-catching images for your affiliate marketing…for free! Read more »

Posted on : Apr 21 2009
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The DREADED Affiliate Marketing Coupons

Eek!Did you know that some affiliate programs offer affiliates the ability to provide their customers with coupons?

It makes sense, especially in these trying financial times.  After all, we’re all looking to save money…but at the same time, if we’re bound, set and determined to buy something online, we’re willing to part with the bucks and get our instant satisfaction.

Coupons, of course, can help in this process! Read more »

Posted on : Apr 20 2009
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Killer YouTube VIDEO Marketing Linking Tip

Magic!Have you ever made a tremendously killer YouTube video…but you KNOW the REAL call to action of it shows up after 1 minute and 32 seconds?

Ever want to link directly to that specific spot in a video?

Here’s what I learned from

10 YouTube URL Tricks You Should Know About

3. Cut the chase and link to the interesting part

Linking to a video where the real action starts at 3 minutes 22 seconds, wondered if you could make it start at 03:22? You are in luck. All you have to do is add #t=03m22s (#t=XXmYYs for XX mins and YY seconds) to the end of the URL.

Now is that Read more »

Posted on : Apr 18 2009
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When stupid copy calls

No StupidOne of the neat things about affiliate marketing is that quite often, product developers will offer their affiliates suggestions for email campaigns, forum postings and the like.

This can be very useful indeed!


When Stupid Copy Calls!

Let me explain.  You see, many people are subscribed to more than one marketing mailing list (she said, revealing the obvious).    So!  What do you think a reader would do if she receives 4 emails from different people with the EXACT SAME BLEEPING COPY??????????

"OMIGOSH, let me buy!" ain’t the first thing that comes to mind, let me tell you!

Be a smart affiliate marketer!  Use Read more »

Posted on : Apr 15 2009
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Secret Tip - Why you should NEVER give your bonuses on your thank-you page

NEVER!If you’re an affiliate marketer, chances are…you already have a newsletter or ezine optin, and chances are…you also offer incentives and bonuses for visitors to sign up.

This is a good thing!  …. EXCEPT…..

If you give your bonuses on your thank you page.

Would you believe that?  Let me explain why.

You see, whenever you create an autoresponder signup, you have the option Read more »

Posted on : Apr 14 2009
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Command Your Exit Traffic’s Attention via Big Selling Optins

Optin PluginsToday I came across a rather nifty blog that had something like what you see to the left.

That’s my Virtual Coach site, AFTER I added the rather nifty thingee in my sidebar.

See that great optin box?

It’s already brought me new subscribers!

Because I have no life, I decided to hack my theme and add it in.  However, if you prefer using instead a plugin, you can check out

Big Selling Optins!

What this does is make it very easy indeed for you to add optins for your newsletters, your 7 Day eClasses, and more.    To wit:

It doesn’t get any easier than this…

Transform any WordPress blog into a list-building
mega tornado…

This supremely easy-to-use plug-in fires up your listbuilding on overdrive within 10 minutes of installing it.
Turn casual visitors into receptive subscribers
and buyers…

Transform even more traffic into high converting subscribers before they’ve even gazed your blog.
Command “Smokin’ Hot” high quality traffic…
When you build a list via my WordPress plug-in you’ll
never have to be concerned about the lack of traffic ever again.
Make your blog visitors dynamite offers they simply CAN’T refuse…
Anyone leaving your website might think that it’s all over. No more!  Use my new plug-in and give yourself you one last opportunity to command your exit traffic’s attention.
Collect 1000s of dollars in extra profits…
If you’re not using this uniquely powerful plug-in on your WordPress blog… you’re leaving huge amounts of money in extra profits on the table each month.

Why not check it out today?

Click HERE to investigate Big Selling Optins Wordpress Plugin!


Barbara Ling

Posted on : Apr 13 2009
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Killer free affiliate marketing tools and techniques


While I like making money like everyone, I also enjoy sharing what I know freely on Twitter, FB and other venues as well!  So for this holiday weekend, allow me to share with you some of the free tools I use in my affiliate marketing - I hope you find them useful too!

First off, I always make certain that CommentLuv is always installed on my blogs.  This nifty tool enables commenters to generate deep links back to their site (thus helping their SEO as well).  This makes commenting on your blog a valuable exercise to the reader!

Next, Read more »

Posted on : Apr 12 2009
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Clickbank Revenge (and quite the affiliate marketing savings too!)

Affiliates UnderCoverMorning all,

I just across this nifty product that’s been marked down considerably!  It has a fascinating story behind it as well - to wit:

You see, I was going to do a full scale clickbank launch with this ebook, having JV’s promoting it to the masses, but like I said earlier clickbank decided they didn’t agree with some of the "controversial" material within this guide…

I was going to charge $67 for the first few days and then raise it to $97 and once customers caught wind of some of these deadly tactics it would have gone viral for sure, still selling thousands of copies…

But since clickbank decided not to allow me to sell it as-is through their affiliate marketplace, I now have a personal vendettaAnd I want some REVENGE!…

I will admit, it’s compelling copy indeed!  Some of the points revealed include:

  • The Pinnacle 5 Secrets to Zooming to the Top 100 List at Squidoo so that Google Spiders Rank Your Lens at the Peak of the SERPs!…page 18
  • How to Infitrate the Super-Competitive Territory of YouTube Using a Simple System and a 2 Minute Video Clip to Pounce Into the 3 Billion Video Views Each Month…page 19
  • The Supreme BEST Way to Double or Even Triple Your Affiliate Earnings Via a Special Hidden Technique Before Funneling Traffic on to the Main Sales Page…page 24

And that’s just the beginning.  I’ll admit, it sounds mighty enticing to  me!  Why not check it out yourself and see what you think?

==> Click HERE to Learn More and Help Your Affiliate Income Zoom UP!


Barbara Ling


Posted on : Apr 11 2009
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BAM is the sound of your affiliate commissons scurrying away

Virtual CoachMorning!

So!  Now.  

Tell me about your affiliate marketing experiences.

Perhaps you have a niche blog or resource site…maybe you specialize in forum participation and weave in your affiliate links, it could be you offer free or paid eclasses….in any event, people visit your site and can enjoy what you have so lovingly and with great effort created for them.

And then, alas, they LEAVE your site.  WITHOUT clicking on your links. 

WITHOUT signing up for your newsletter.    Another opportunity….lying in the dust, choking out its last gasp, weakly shriveling up and dying an agonizing, soul-searing death.

Depressing, that’s what that is!

But wait!  If you had compelled your visitor to:

  • Sign up for your autoresponder
  • Download your free ebook
  • Optin for your newsletter
  • ….

In short, given you his or her email address, you’d have another chance at marketing to them in the FUTURE.

And I found and bought just the tool that helps that admirably!

Quick!  Visit Virtual Coach and look towards the footer.

Nice, eh? 

This extremely reasonably priced tool was beyond easy to install and configure…and it makes it really easy to gently nudge the reader that Hey!  There’s an Offer here I really should check out!

I’m very pleased with it…and can highly recommend it! 

Are YOU tired like me of leaving money on the table? 

If so,

Click HERE to learn more about that nifty tool!

You’ll be ‘way happy you did…and your bank account will thank you at a later date as well.  Remember, the first visit to your site doesn’t have to be the last!  Give yourself all the edges you can.


Barbara Ling


Posted on : Apr 10 2009
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